Pictured Together! 

I am a queer analogue photographer, based in Berlin, who has been dedicated to their passion for many years. I started photography as a form of fun with the age of 6 taking selfies with my stuffed animals, to now, where my photography documents the communities that I am in. 

My work focuses on intersectional topics and I aim to have a diverse representation within my art. Furthermore my work focuses on communities of solidarity, community learning, representation in media and still lifes. 

Through a diverse representation within photography, people are able to see themselves and therefore feel empowered within who they are. I find fulfillment and hope through empowerment. The process of getting empowered offers us the opportunity to fight, to be stronger and to take action for change.

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Selected Clients

  • Missy Magazine
  • i-D, VICE
  • DGB Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Fachhochschule Potsdam
  • Jugendnetzwerk Lambda e. V.
  • Ilgen-Nur
  • Using Format